If this is the first time visiting, The START is a personal blog where I will be sharing some very real moments about being a business owner and how Everyday Lifters got started.  Over the last year I've had many curious minds wanting to know who I am, what I do, why I do it.  Hopefully the stories will inspire, start conversations, make you laugh, and live life a bit more.  

Below are some few things have helped me with being a parent and a business owner!

Ask for Help

"Who watches the kids when you leave for your trips?"  Me:  "I lock them in their rooms with cereal bars and water for the week.  Why do you ask?"

Guys, when I travel for work, something crazy happens.  I ask for help and my husband steps in.  He loves his children, he cooks for them and even bathes them!   The best part, he is really good at it.  Almost as if he's done this parenting thing before.  I know, it is the wildest thing!

If he can't help out, then I have to ask a friend or a relative.  It's okay to ask for help when things get a little crazy at home.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Limit Your Interactions with Toxic People

"How can a mother be away from her kids for so long?  I could never do it."  Me: "My kids can't stand my face, it works out."

Be mindful of who and what takes up space in your thoughts and in your life.  Parent entrepreneurs are quite busy and our days are scheduled right down to when we put the kids to bed.  When you have to take time out of your day to entertain negative friends, then you need to take a look at who is in your inner circle and make adjustments.  

Find Like Minded Parents

"What does your husband think of you photographing and being around so many men?  "  Me: "He encourages it and he knows about my secret file of eggplants on my computer."

Recently I confessed to another mother, that I have trouble making friends with other moms.  Maybe it's because I own a secret file of eggplants. LOL  Just kidding guys, relax.  I can see it now, "You think she has one from Worlds?"

Anyhow, her advice to me was, "Find other working moms or dads to be friends with." Ha!  Networking helps with inspiration and learning!  Well, it helps me!

Be Kind to Yourself

"Is your daughter going to Kelly's birthday party?"  Me: "Shit! No, I forgot." 

Yes, parenting seems to be a constant state of figuring it out and making mistakes. Recently I forgot to RSVP to TWO birthday parties, not 1, but 2!!  I am pretty sure the mothers now think I am a flake.  What am I going to do?  I messed up and guess what? It will happen again.  It use to bother me to the core and I would walk around in a constant state of guilt.  

Guilty of what though?!!  Does it mean I love my kids less because I forgot to RSVP to 2 birthday parties?  Forgive yourself and move on.  

 Mothers vs Fathers who are Entrepreneurs

Originally this post was meant to be a way to share resources for mothers who are business owners.  I googled, entrepreneur mothers, momtrepreneurial, mothers who are business owners and I found a trending problem with many of the articles.  The articles were written with the assumption that mothers who are business owners are in need of basic technology education or they are divorced.  

If you google entrepreneur dads, the advice was quite different.  No mention of laundry having to get done or helping kids with homework.

After combing a list of articles, I realized that perhaps I too was contributing to the problem since I was looking for advice for the entrepreneurial mothers.  After a 30 minute rant, my husband said, "Well, write the post for the parents who are entrepreneurs!"

Touche Chris.

(Thank you Chris for being the most marvelous man that you are.  Some days I am like, "How does he keep up with me?", because I am certain others would have died at the start of this journey. I love you mi amor.)

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Hope something in this post was helpful or at least entertaining!  

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