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Social networking and social media is a crucial part of any business and it's pretty much impossible to avoid it.  This posts is for all the newbies who are intimidated by hashtags, likes, and creating a new profile.   Let us first go over some of the reasons why you need to embrace all that social media has to offer.  Hold my hand and don't be scared.  I'm not poking fun at you because the truth is, social media use to scare me too! 

  1. Social media brings awareness to your brand/business. 
  2. Social media is free and if you want to buy an ad, it's very cost effective.  You can share all you want about your business and did I mention it's free?
  3. Social media provides a direct link to potential customers- you can interact with them no matter where you are!
  4. It's free.

In this post you'll find various links and articles from which you can take your time reading and reviewing.  At first glance the information can be overwhelming, so come back when you are ready to tackle the other links provided!  


Everyday Lifters was started on Instagram and it had 2 followers, (Joe and Harold, love you guys!!). When I first opened up the account I had no idea what I was doing. Facebook was the extent of my interaction with social media and I was all poo-poo over having to put myself out there with selfies and videos.  I hated the idea.  

But, as the universe would have it, one day I accidently linked my personal Facebook account to Instagram and a notification was sent to my friends.  My worlds collided and I felt like I had been caught.  

"HOLY SHIT, VIV!!!! People know...  Undo, delete, refresh, NOW!!!!!"  Nope- it was too late.

Well, I had to learn pretty quickly how to post, engage and use hashtags.  I made plenty of mistakes and I am still learning what engages followers and what posts make them run for the hills.

Advice: Use, engage, post and repeat!

The only way to know how to use any social media platform is to go on and use it.  Mistakes will be made and you'll get over it.  Like the time I lurked on someone's Instagram account and accidentally liked a photo from 3 years ago.  #creeper

Remember...use, engage, post and repeat!

Check out: 

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Buying Followers

Buying followers was a very common thing to do and doesn't it sound tempting to gain 1,000 followers overnight?  I had felt for awhile that folks looking at my account wouldn't take me seriously as a photographer if I didn't have at least 10k followers.  After some research and talking to others who are in the business of social media marketing, they advised against it.

What it really came down to was that I didn't want anything fake or misleading about Everyday Lifters.  This quote below really summed it up for me.

But would you really feel okay knowing that your profile’s success is largely fake?
— MADELINE BUXTON- It's Insanely Easy To Buy Thousands Of Instagram Followers — But Should You?

The 3,000+ Instagram followers I have is a small following compared to what is out there, but those 3,000 have been incredibly supportive.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have also lost some followers along the way.  It could have been that the content I was providing wasn't interesting, they thought my face was annoying, or I didn't give a follow back, they hated my photos, or people did the follow and unfollow nonsense...who knows?  It happens, but always look for creative ways to keep your followers engaged.  

Interact With Your Followers

Everyday Lifters does not have an app or service where comments and likes are sent out.  I handle all the interactions with my followers and one day it will reach a point where I may need the help in order to keep up with the content.  But for now, I love that I can talk to the people who enjoy the work I am doing.    

Currently, the one thing I am struggling with is not being able to see content that is posted by the folks I follow.  It is so important for me to really keep in touch with those first 500 followers and now many of their posts get lost in the shuffle.  Yay algorithms!  

My advice to you is to take 20-30 mins aside and  go through what is being posted and for heavens sake, answer the messages. Especially if you are first starting out!  


"But Viv, I have no idea what to post?"

This seems to be the number one thing I hear from people and once you get into a routine/groove it's not a daunting task as others make it out to be.  

When you are ready, take a look of the information below and remember to take your time with the information provided.

Social Media Cheat Sheet by Dara Fontein

What Type of Content do I Post on Social Media? by  Liz Jostes

For those with a little more experience, give this post a look as they talk about how to tackle videos! Get Over Your Creativity Block With These 20 Social Media Content Ideas by Alfred Lua


Naturally I like to use the Everyday Lifters hashtag.  One day the number of likes on my posts dramatically dropped compared to other posts in the past.  My posts weren't reaching new accounts and after some research I found something called shadowban.  The main culprit was probably overusing the hashtag #everydaylifters.  

Till this day I am not sure if this really happened to me because Instagram doesn't notify people.  They are savages, hahaha! 

To read more please check out these articles on  Iconosquare and  Plann.  Excellent insight on other things that could lead to a shadowban and what to do if it happens to you!  

Other Social Media Platforms

For the sake of keeping this post short and easy to navigate, I kept the tips and resources to Instagram.  Twitter, Facebook, Medium and even Snap Chat can be used to bring awareness to your business, so don't be afraid to go out and explore!

As Everyday Lifters continues to expand, I'll be focusing on ways to build a following on the other Everyday Lifters' social media accounts.  

Before I go, I'll leave you with Social Media Trends to Watch For in 2018, worth the read and see you guys soon  in my newsfeed!  :)

Next post will be on January 21st and I'll be sharing some personal stories of what it's like to be traveling mother and female photographer.  Stay tuned!  

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love u all!  I will eventually come back to fix all the mistakes.  maybe...