Consulting Sessions

Consulting Sessions

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Bought a new camera or received one as gift?  Or perhaps you're interested in shooting sports or you take photos for your gym and need help with navigating social media?  I am now offering one-on-one personal photography consulting sessions.  Please take a look at the options.

One on one:  This 2 hour session is done in person at either your gym or in a public location.  We go over how to navigate your camera, resources that have helped me along the way!  In addition, you will be given homework to follow up with your photography skills!

Online: This 1 hour Consultation is great if you need a refresher or perhaps had very specific questions related to the basics of navigating social media or how to tackle an upcoming sports job!


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Once the purchase has been made, I will send an email with some questions about your experience with cameras and photography. In addition, some information regarding the type of things you were interested in shooting.   

Sessions may be rescheduled the week before.  Final Sale