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#Ashgabat 2018

A lion has awoken within Jessica Lucero. I saw this same look with Max as well. It’s hard to describe it. After hours of watching weightlifters, I notice the most subtle changes in their step and body posture.

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A Weekend of Florida and Weightlifting

Horácio shared some great stories of his earlier days of being a weightlifter; prior to a terrible motorcycle accident that left him metal rod in his left leg.  Despite this set back, he continues to work out. He recently bench pressed 190kg.  

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2017 American Masters

Mark Solomon, coach from Buffalo Barbell Club, shared how he's been competing at this meet for years now.  He enjoys the community and the masters weightlifters coming together.  Next year I will make sure to bring my weightlifting shoes and lift some weights among other masters weightlifters. Will you be there?

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