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I AM- The Everyday Lifter

I cannot tell you how many times I have written this article in my head.  The title has always been the same, but the list of topics continues to grow as I progress and learn in this sport.  I want to tell the whole wide world about the sport of weightlifting, and now is my chance.  This sport is an absolutely wonderful sport with many benefits.  Though, it is a tough sport, it is for everyone!  Especially you! 

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We hear a lot about body image these days and there is what I would call a trend towards young girls being more inclined to look and feel athletic, as opposed to being skinny and wanting to look like, oh I don’t know, an underfed underwear model?? This was not the case when I was growing up and although in a perfect world we would all take the difficulties of our teen years and forget about them, some things are harder to shake off than others and they become a part of who we are as we grow into women.

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