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Remembering Nick Curry 1961-2018

Nick’s eye was as good as anyone’s, and he’d been around some of the best national and international lifters. But like any good coach he knew that the most important athlete at any given moment was the one right in front of you, and that the most important lift of their career was always the one they were just about to do. -David Boffa

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"Find a coach who is a perfectionist in technique and then for the first two years of your career, build up your body to develop it properly.   Make your body symmetrical, test for weaknesses and correct all those weaknesses so they’re not reflected after you’ve been training for a few years…”

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A Weekend of Florida and Weightlifting

Horácio shared some great stories of his earlier days of being a weightlifter; prior to a terrible motorcycle accident that left him metal rod in his left leg.  Despite this set back, he continues to work out. He recently bench pressed 190kg.  

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