Cup of Blue Swords- 2019

Cup of Blue Swords:

Thoughts, Ideas and Audio Recordings

Disclaimer: Only the weightlifters pictured here or the German Weightlifting Federation can use these photos. Anyone else may not use the photo without permission. Invoices are on stand by for anyone looking to use these for commercial use. Thanks! -Viviana Podhaiski, Owner of Everyday Lifters LLC.


It’s been 9 months since my last post- Like what the heck Viv?! Ha! Things have been relatively quiet on Everyday Lifter’s land and really no projects to share. Although, I still have an interview with Sarah Robles I need to post and hopefully can get that up soon before Worlds.

Anyhow, as many of you know I visited Germany again! I was excited to go for a number of reasons- it eased me back into photographing a weightlifting event. ha! Going to Germany was a personal vacation that was much needed- but then I got to attend the Cup of Blue Swords- yes please!

Let’s get right to it….By now you’ve noticed the audio clips and guys- yes I am totally cheating and unfortunately google’s search engine will never pick up this article since, well- they can’t read my spoken words. lol. But if I waited to publish a full written post- then we would be looking at 2022, ha!

Few things I’m going to discuss:

  • Photographing the Cup of Blue Swords: Challenges and the gear I brought with me.

  • Cadence: How I like to photograph a weightlifting competition?

  • Creative Practice: Prisms and Double Exposure and Free Lensing.

  • Max’s Performance: What I noticed-

  • My favorite images and break down-

Please use your headphones- I have a potty mouth. Thanks!


Look at my big ass otter box because I love dropping my phone- lolol. I also look exhausted - but trust me, I’m happy. lol

Look at my big ass otter box because I love dropping my phone- lolol. I also look exhausted - but trust me, I’m happy. lol

Gear and Camera Body I Used

I gave my 5D MarkIV a try and it did not disappoint- I also brought with me a cheap 50 lens and it did disappoint at times. lol Where I was stationed the weightlifters were back lit- but I stayed in place because I was close to chalk bowl and the coaches. I like grabbing the behind the scene photos or neat photo opportunities.


Prisim, Double Exposure and How I Photograph Competitions


If you’d like to read more about Freelensing, check out this blog post.

Max Lang


Stories of Images and Why I Photograph Hands

*Recommend listening to this on your desktop so we can through the images together. :)

Look at the Entire Scene


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Personal Images