A Weekend of Florida and Weightlifting


Hollywood Beach, Dr. Limon, Cuban coffee and Olympic Weightlifting, that pretty much sums up my visit to Florida.  Not too shabby for a 2 day visit in The Sunshine State!

My coach, Dan Casey, had to give a weightlifting seminar at UFC Gym Kendall.  I tagged along on the trip to meet people, talk weightlifting and of course visit Ferrino Sports Fitness Club while in Florida.  Upon landing, we went straight to Miami to check out the facility.

When entering the gym, I immediately noticed the amount of sun and fresh air that filled the room.  Oh, and yes, the yachts right in arms reach when you step outside.  We were greeted by Coach Horácio, not only the owner of the beautiful gym but also coach of Fernando Reis.  Eles são irmãos!  

Horácio made us feel at home.  He encouraged us to use any of the equipment and to take our time with our session.  My coach was on one platform and I, right next to him.  As we got to warming up, Horácio kept a watchful eye on us.  I was to work on snatches and clean and jerks since I am competing next week.  

Little back story  about my snatches:

My right knee tends to hit the floor immediately after receiving the weight overhead when snatching.  Yup, it’s annoying and at times seems inevitable.  Needless to say, I knew this would happen while Horácio would be watching.  Just a few reps in and I started to miss my snatches- *right knee.. BAM!! hit the floor. 

Coach Horácio says to me, “Why do you do this Michael Jackson thing?" Referring to when I am about to lose my balance and land on my toes.

He gave me a few pointers and soon after, I made some solid snatches.  “No more with the fake plates, put on real ones…” referring to the green Eleiko plates.  


His presence alone is really enough to make you get your shit together.  His words are sharp and voice booms when giving cues.  At one point he apologized for his choice of words when coaching.  I don’t know if it’s N.Y. thing, but it didn’t bother us the slightest bit.  

I think the "no fuck around" attitude is what is expected from someone who has to regularly keep an eye on an Olympian such as Fernando Reis.  At one point reminding his weightlifters they were talking too much between their sets. I'm not a coach, but the way I see it, if you're talking while lifting- you are bound to lose focus and have a higher chance of missing your lifts. I've learned my lesson a number of times. 

After my snatches were done, he gave me some pointers and suggested heavy drop snatches in my program and most importantly, “No more Michael Jacksons”, reminding me that I am fully capable of snatching much more.  

Horácio was impressed watching Danny lift.  They talked weightlifting, coaching and when Danny told him he was competing in two weeks, he responded with, "Fuck them all!"  Savage man- LOVE, LOVE!!!  

We got to listen to some great stories of his earlier days of being a weightlifter.  Unfortunately, a terrible motorcycle accident left him with a metal rod in his left leg and he no longer competes.  Despite this set back, he continues to work out. He recently bench pressed 190kg.  

Prior to leaving, I took to the camera and grabbed this photo of him.  He said to me he isn't very good looking.  I chuckled, because that's far from the truth.  I liked his natural pose and his eyes here.  


And a visit would not be complete without some photos telling a bit more about our day! 

Overall, this was a great visit.  Thank you Coach Horácio for letting us stop by.  And if you guys are ever in the Miami area, please make sure to check out Ferrino Sports Fitness Club.

 Coach Horácio, hope to see you in New York!  Make sure to visit when it's warmer.  :) Até logo!