Juliana Riotto


Before I start, I know many of you do not read these posts in its entirety.  How do I know this?  Google Analytics baby!!!  Don't freak, I don't which one of you are skipping to the end. LOL Btw: I do the same on other websites.  We are just impatient beings.  

The reason I bring this up before talking about Juliana is because if you are going to skim this post, please go to the section that reads STOP in obnoxious bold lettering.  I am asking for a favor. Actually, I'm not asking, I'm telling you what you need to do.  (No shame, No apologies). 


If this is the first time visiting, just quick info about how this works. I do this thing where I visit weightlifters or places related to weightlifting.  Last year I visited Lindenwood University and that was amazing.  If you want to know why, you can read here. The sport of weightlifting is growing and changing.  I want to document it.  

Let us get right to it!  Ready?!!!

Juliana Riotto 90kg, Gym: Garage Strength, Coach: Dane Miller

Everyday Lifters was just a few months old when I decided to apply for a media pass to go to Junior Nationals.  I had no fucking idea what I was doing.  

I sat myself down on the floor near a platform and just started recording.  That's when I saw Juliana.  She got on the platform with the Garage Strength singlet on, flushed face and all of sudden she snatches.  BAM!  I was like, what the hell?!  I literally looked around like, "Did you guys see this?"  

It was at that moment I knew I had to add Juliana to the list of weightlifter's I wanted to document and tell a story.  So, this year, off I went to Fleetwood Pennsylvania to see a bit of Juliana's training and talk to her coach.

Garage Strength was about a 3 hr drive from me.  The gym sits near a long road with a decent amount of land surrounding the facility.  As I walked in, there was a sense of familiarity since many of the weightlifters posts their training videos on Instagram.  (Hey, this gym looks the same in person, as in the videos.)

But what took me by surprise was the sheer size of the place.  It's big, like really big, with ample space for all the athletes to train.  You see... Dane not only trains weightlifters but helps throwers, wrestlers get strong and he could even probably coach a team of ice skaters if he had an ice rink attached to the place.  

Athletes are drawn to the place and Coach Miller because he's good at what he does.  *But we will get to that in a little bit.  

After all the recording was complete, I went home and got right to work. Going through the videos and piecing the story together was the easy part.  But I knew I had to write a little something to go along with feature.  

I stared at my computer screen for a few weeks.  The photos and videos I take normally tell the story for me and since I am not a strong writer I really wanted to make sure I did a good job for Juliana.  

One day as I was attempting to type this blog post for the 500th time, my husband walked into the office to see what I was working on. 

"What are you doing?

Me:  Still trying to write a little bit about the weightlifter I visited.

"Why did you visit her?"  

Me: Because I could (rolling eyes)

He laughs.. "No, I mean, why her?  Why not another weightlifter?  What makes her so special?"  

Me: Because- have you seen how strong she is?  

"So what, there are others? Why her?"

That is when I went off and the response was something like this...

Because with Jules, I'm not sure if people really know what type of athlete she is. It's not always necessarily the amount of weight on a barbell that defines an athlete.  Yeah of course the winner lifts the most weights. Right?  

People should know about her.  You can't teach "having the balls to do it."  You either have that or you don't.  Juliana has "it", and at such a young age, it was quite impressive.

I want her to have 20,000 followers, sponsorships, a gold toilet, all of it!  Good people deserve good things to happen to them.  

My husband smiled and walked away.  


(this is for those that have skipped to the end)

Perhaps this write up and video can share just a bit more of her to the weightlifting community.  I don't have a massive following- but the ones I do have are super supportive of the work I do.  If you are reading this, PLEASE share her story, follow her on Instagram to  learn about this incredible athlete.  

Instagram: @juliana.rose_

Youtube: Juliana Riotto

Please Watch:

A little bit about her coach... Dane Miller

*Shot putter at Penn State turned international coach. Coached 15 State Champions, All americans IN five different sports. Coached 6 Olympic trials athletes in  two different sports. In 2017 had 6 IAAF track athletes hit the World standard, 3 of them competed at World Champs. Had 5 athletes compete at Junior worlds in Olympic weightlifting and 1 athlete compete at senior worlds for freestyle wrestling. That athlete, Nick Gwiazdowski won the World Bronze medal! 


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