Performance Initiatives

Everyday Lifters was an idea of sharing stories of your average athlete.  Almost 2 years later, it has really grown and now it feels more like a community.  I am forever grateful for you guys for making it what it is today.    

I have some great news to share!  I'm super excited to be starting this new chapter and it could not have happened without you! 

I would like to introduce you to, Performance Initiatives!

Take a look here on how they changing the lives of these incredible weightlifters!  You'll hear all about Carlos Millen, one of their athletes who walks about 4+ miles a day to and from the gym  and how weightlifting has shaped him to be the young man he is today.  

Thank You!

Not sure if you guys know this, but I was a teacher for 12 years. So naturally, last year during my yearly review meeting for Everyday Lifters, I knew I wanted to add a new goal for the company that related to helping kids.  After some asking around, the awesome folks over at Youth Weightlifting referred me to the founder and director of Performance Initiatives, Kerri Goodrich.  She has been coaching since 2002 and has taken student athletes to weightlifting competitions throughout the world, including the Youth World Championships in Peru and Slovakia.

Last year while photographing the American Open Masters, I got a chance to meet up with Kerri and got a tour of Performance Initiatives.  I learned all about how they help empower young children through Olympic Weightlifting.  Wow... yeah, it's pretty awesome!  It filled my heart and I probably would have moved in, if I didn't have my own family here in New York. ha!  

Today (with you), we made our first donation to Performance Initiatives.  Part of the proceeds of t-shirt and EDL photo package sales helped with reaching goal.  Thank you so much guys... thank you!  I hope this small beginning is like a tiny-tide ripple that will transform into grand waves. :)  

To make a direct donation to Performance Initiatives, please visit here.  If you can't, that is very okay!  Then you can help by spreading the word by giving them a follow on their social media accounts!  A simple share can go a long way for these young weightlifters!  

Instagram: @PerformanceInitiatives  Facebook: @PerformanceInitiatives

Thank you all for taking the time to check out this post!  Most importantly, please check out their story and see you around soon, at local weightlifting platform!