Courtney Candullo


Upon meeting Courtney, you'll notice her beautiful arms and hair. (Love those arms girrrrl).  If you see her at a weightlifting meet, her hair will be neatly braided, away from her face and normally rockin' a McKenna singlet.  Although, I think she's sporting a sushi designed one?  Not sure... lol

It was at the 2017 Crow Hill Open where I first heard about Courtney's apparel company, No Matter What Apparel.  I bought a shirt of course and I was immediately drawn to the neatly stacked cards on the table.  The front of the card showed a very distinct logo and the words NO MATTER WHAT.  Above the logo, a brief insight to how the company got started and background regarding the artist/owner of No Matter What Apparel, Courtney Candullo.  

"No Matter What was born in struggle, and built in strength.  Overcoming anorexia, and then addiction was by no means easy.  I fought my way out of a dark place through changing my lifestyle and mindset, every day I wake up, I choose strength, I choose life."  

Naturally I wanted to learn more Courtney and her story.  I reached out to her and with waiting for the stars to finally align for us, we were able to meet up.  

It was right after Worlds that I got a chance to stop by where she trains.  I entered CrossFit RFA and was greeted by her awesome pup and Rebel Fitness crew.  While I was there I got a chance to interview Courtney, grab some footage and of course some photos.

She openly talked about her struggles with anorexia and drug addiction.  Honestly, as she was talking about her experiences with both, I kept thinking... How did she overcome this? How is she here today?  She defied the odds.  

From those set backs in her life, it made the person she is today and that is where No Matter What Apparel was born from, a place of struggle.  Take a listen below to her story.  


To continue you following Courtney's journey please give her a follow on Instagram: @courtcandu and spread more awareness of this incredible human being and her company, please consider buying some awesome swag at No Matter What Apparel!  You can also follow No Matter What Apparel on Instagram: @nomatter_apparel .

Thank you all at Rebel Fitness for letting me hangout.  Courtney, all the best with training!  See you soon at a platform! ;-)



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