A Week In Review: August 13th

"Hurry up and take the picture.  My legs are useless after the squats this morning. HURRY UP!!!!" 

"Hurry up and take the picture.  My legs are useless after the squats this morning. HURRY UP!!!!" 

With Monday upon us, I wanted to kick off this week with these engaging videos and photos from only you guys!  

Often I am reminded that the word everyday actually means: common, ordinary, average.  Here on Everyday Lifters you will see your average weightlifter right along side with those that have been blessed by the weightlifting gods.  

It's all good because we all smile, laugh, or curse when missing a lift.  We all tie our weightlifting shoes (even if you have broken a world record), we train and love the sport of weightlifting.  

The posts below are funny, authentic, transparent, and from the heart.  These weightlifters are being themselves!  

Make sure to return next Sunday for another week of highlights!

Literally a Snatch Balance

No Feet Snatch. Nailed it 😂 @mckennasgym @nomatterwhat_apparel

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Courtney Candullo, Owner of No Matter What Apparel. She just looks so happy. Loved this post.

Weightlifter: Nathan Prokop (I hope for an appropriate response from Mohamed. Well done Nathan).

Mohamed Ihab Youssef Ahmed Mahmoud


I... I...I can't even think of a good heading for this

Weightlifter: Dylan Cooper (When I first saw this I thought, "Nah, he won't complete the Rubik's Cube------ What the hell?! What just happened?!!" *Watch again) Mohamed better step up his game. Just kidding Mohamed, don't push press me!!! :/

Cheeseburger Cape

Weightlifter: New Jack? No that's not his name and once I find out his real name I will add it. 🙈. When you get a chance, take a look at some of his photos. He has a good eye for photography and here he is with a cheeseburger cape!


Weightlifter: Kristi Brewer (I saw Kristi compete at Masters Nationals a few months back and there is so much power behind the legs you see here. Following her on Instagram has been a treat. She shares a lot about her training and often her KMIGHTY posts make me a laugh.

Potty Mouth

Weightlifter: Mike Dewar (I saw this post after training and ironically I was working on jerks. While warming up, I went into a full lunge and my knee touched the floor. My reaction was a series of colorful words. "Asshole, Son of a Bitch" have been my go to words lately. I think we all have potty mouths Mike.


DAY 11 - Halfway done with my #DanielFast2017 and it has been quite the experience. This reflection is going to be more about the physical and nutrition side of things: 1. THIS IS HARD! I have plenty to eat, and have been eating as much as I want to stay full. Cravings are pretty much non-existent, but there are definitely times I really just want some chocolate chip pancakes or a huge greasy burger and fries. In all honesty, those thoughts are few and far in between, and pass pretty quickly. Thank goodness for @trifectasystem vegetarian line which keeps things delicious and interesting. 2. My workouts have been going just fine. I do think I pitter out of energy a bit faster because I really am consuming no sugar, but I found raisins have done wonders as intraworkout carbs #naturesJellybeans 😜 3.My strength has declined, especially leg strength, but I am also doing much less squatting and heavy lifting as I work to figure out how to keep my knee healthier. I would attribute strength changes to changes in exercise regiment, not diet. 4.My weight has only dropped a few pounds, as expected when you aren't eating like a 5 year old once a week or drinking any alcohol, but I'm not stressing that. I know it will even back out when I get back to regular eating. 5. I FEEL GREAT. Aside from my stomach constantly being really full from all the fiber 😐, I have loved this process so far and really have learned a lot about myself. There is something really special about choosing to make a sacrifice everyday to honor a God who has blessed you with an incredible life. These next 10 days are going to be the hardest, as the novelty of this is wearing off, and the level of commitment and dedication has to increase. I'm ready, excited, and willing to stay the course - all in the glory 😘🙌🏾 --------------------------------------------------------- Daniel 1: 14-16 "He agreed with them in this matter and tested them for 10 days. At the end of 10 days, they looked better and healthier than all the young people who were eating the kings food. So, the guard continued to remove their food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables." ✝️❤️ #honoryourgifts

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Weightlifter: Nicole Capurso (I've been following Nicole's journey with Daniel Fast and her honest, no filter posts have been a breath of fresh air, thank you Nicole).

Well, there you have it!  Some content to get you motivated for the week!  Don't let the Monday blues get to you.  New week only means new opportunities!  

Don't forget to come back next week!

Adios for now!