A Week In Review: August 6th

While I was away on vacation, I had more time to spend on social media.  It's not what you think. I didn't bring my phone to the lake and had it glued to my face.

Every night before bed, I would go on to social media with the sole purpose of reading posts.  I wanted to see what the Everyday Lifters' followers were up to. With a cup of coffee in hand and breathing in the fresh air of Lake Placid, I purposely went on to random Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

When Everyday Lifters was first created, I had about 40 Instagram followers and it was easy for me to keep up with how everyone was doing. Currently, with more followers, it's been a challenge and I will often miss posts from certain accounts for weeks at a time.  Yay to algorithms! 

So, I decided that I will set time aside during the week to see what everyone is up to and then highlight the moments here.  With Monday upon us, I wanted to kick off this week with engaging videos and photos from only you guys!  Enjoy and come back next Sunday for more.  

Vest Malfunction

Do You Have a Handstand Mascot?

When Jason Khalipa Sends Best Wishes

502 Squat

The Time I told an Acct I Loved Them

91kg From the Hang ❤️

Well, there you have it!  Some content to get you motivated for the week!  Don't let the Monday blues get to you.  New week only means new opportunities!  

Don't forget to come back next week!

Adios for now!