A Week In Review: August 28th

A day late on this post! :/

Over the weekend I was at the Brooklyn Barbell Club photographing the 2017 Brooklyn Barbell Open.  Over the last two days there were at least 5,000 photos taken and 20 video clips recorded.  The volume of work is rewarding.  While some may think it's cumbersome to tag and sort photos by weightlifters and sessions, this is actually my favorite part of the job.  I get to create images, deliver them to weightlifters, and in return the weightlifters are happy.  

Weightlifters are passionate about weightlifting and I see this in the photos I take.   I think this is more true in those that start the sport later on in life.  Today I want to share posts of weightlifters that are dedicated to improving, be it physically, or  mentally and are just loving life.

Thanks guys for the hellos when I see you at meets, or just the friendly messages to thank me!  It's really me that need to thank you for following Everyday Lifters and your support of the work I do.  Will be back in January for the Week in Review!  

Happy Monday!  

Sarah Robles, who just loves life. Love everything she posts because they are always from the heart. Mujeres, please read what she has to say.

Will be back in January!  Things are pretty busy the next few months.  Remember, don't dread Mondays.  It's a new week for new opportunities.