A Week In Review: August 20th

Why do you squat? Looking to get strong? For Booty gainz?

Why do you squat? Looking to get strong? For Booty gainz?


Last week it seemed like everyone was squatting.  Heavy, light, multiple reps, high, low, to the box, with a belt, without.. it was pretty cray cray.  

Oh how we love to PR you Back Squat.  We celebrate you when we reach those monumental milestones!  We like to add resistance bands, dress you up in red plates and make grunting noises when you get heavy.  Oh how we love you beloved squat!  Sometimes you turn on us, but it's all good because we always return.   

When you see someone squatting it seems like such a simple exercise. Simple, but deceiving.  When I first started weightlifting, my coach had to go over how to squat properly.  I went back to basics and even now I still find myself having to pay close attention to how my body is moving or else everything goes to shit.  For me, it is not an easy movement.  

Squat week was kicked off by my weightlifting coach who put this video together about squatting. I'm glad he did this because he talks about tempo and transition.  Take a minute to check it out.  The explanation is short and sweet.

You Squat, I Squat, We all Squat!

Below are just some of the million squat videos from last week.  Now before I move on, please know that I am not posting these to critique their form.  As a matter of fact, I couldn't even begin to tell you if they are performing the movement correctly and I don't want to know. This is for their coaches to decide.  I can tell you where to stand to take pictures, but I don't know diddly-squat on what to look for in proper form.  (See what I did there.) ha!  Yes, #nerd

(Weightlifter: Nathan) See them plates? He's 16yrs old. Yes, it is ok to feel bad about yourself. But I still love ya!

(Weightlifter: Will) If you read the commemts on Instagram you see that Will gets one of those annoying comments. You know what I am talking about. "Cool profile! Check out my website! Sne Fitness clearly doesn't squat. Sne may stand for Squats Never Ever. Will has no time to check your website Mr. Fitness. Why?!! Cause Squats.

To end this post I had to mention Max Lang.  The video below is from July and according to Max:  "Learn to squat!"  

When the day comes I get to meet Max in person, my legs will be strong enough to give him a piggy back ride. That is what I am training for and that is why I squat.  

Well, there you have it!  Some content to get you motivated for the week!  Don't let the Monday blues get you.  New week only means new opportunities!  

Don't forget to come back next week since it will be the last  A Week in Review!

I will start up again in October!  

Adios for now!