Me: "What sports do these kids play?"  

Coach Basciano: "All kinds.. lacrosse, football, hockey etc."

Coach Basciano trains under Marc Chasnov and is a coach himself at New York Weightlifting Academy.  I don't know how else to explain it and excuse my language, but if you've been coached by Basciano you know he doesn't fuck around.  I secretly like it when he covers a weekend session because everyone trains on their best behavior.  It's like having that old school nun teacher.

The same goes for his summer sessions.  He takes pride in his work as a coach and how he approaches training for himself.

Last year I had the pleasure of taking some photos of one of his summer sessions.  Check out the article here!

This year I checked back in to see how things were going and boy these athletes have GROWN!!!   

Enjoy the video and for more information about off season training, please contact NYWA.  


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