Championnat Canadiens Senior Haltérophilie


As soon as I was on the other side of the border and in the U.S., the messages started to come in.  

"So, how was it?!"

"How was it compared to the USAW Nationals last weekend?"

"What was the weightlifting like?" 

The plan was go to the Canadian Nationals, take photos and share stories.  Very Everyday Lifters of me.  I was so pumped about this opportunity that before I even attended the competition, I drafted an outline and would write this post on the way home from Canada. That was the plan.

However, on the 6 hour ride back to New York, I deleted it all.  

Thinking to myself, "There is more to say.  But who the hell am I?!"

I'm just a photographer, right?



I've only been weightlifting for about 2 years, but in the short time I have met so many people, mostly "Old Timers."   Conversations always starting the same way, "Weightlifting has changed, it's not the same."  Not having been around the sport long enough, I often struggled with understanding where they were coming from.  I attributed the comments to, "Ok, Viv, maybe they don't to be photographed." Ha! 

Then I went to the Canadian National Championships and it all made sense.  



I was introduced to a barbell for the first time at a CrossFit box about 4 years ago.  I enjoyed the weightlifting aspect of CF and decided to find a weightlifting facility. I haven't looked back. It was there where I learned about weightlifting's unwritten rules, etiquette, customs, whatever you'd like to call it.

I learned not to walk in front of others during their working sets.

I learned not to talk in between my sets.

I learned not talk at all.  It is not social hour.  Ha!

I learned what it meant to focus on every lift.  

I learned there were so many more rules. 

However, many feel this approach to the sport is too strict and unnecessary.  Here's the thing guys, these unwritten rules echoed across the warm-up area and competition platform at the Canadian Nationals.  In my opinion, the backbone of weightlifting.  

It felt like home.  


The sport has grown, and is growing at a rapid pace here in the U.S.  There have been changes and changes that are necessary for the sport to grow. I'm in a strange place with this because I am not just a photographer.  I have a USAW membership, I vote, I try to give back to sport through the photos I take.  The mission is to bring more attention to the sport, so it can grow to a point where my friends can stop asking, "Hey, how is the body building going?"  

But along the way, will etiquette and tradition be replaced?  What will weightlifting look like in 10 years?  If you are still reading this, I am talking to you.  We are all in it together and curious to see what everyone thinks.  To Be Continued...


Let's get started with the purpose of visiting Canada!  The Canadian Nationals!  Let me introduce you to some of the judges.  I couldn't get all their names.  But managed to grab some photos and delighted to highlight them.  They are the inner workings of a weightlifting meet. 



My friends have always through there was something in my deodorant that made it easy for people to open up to me. I can draw in a complete stranger and within in minutes know their entire life. Grocery store, online to get coffee, it never fails, people love sharing their stories.  People share, and I listen. Having been blessed with this talent, I use it to learn more about the athletes I photograph.  

Here we have Linda and her daughter Catrina.   Linda, Masters Weightlifter who recently competed and medaled at Master Nationals was cheering her daughter on in crowd.  I LOVED, LOVED talking to Linda.  Linda, I forgot to mention this, but Linda is my mother's nickname.  :)

Anyway, an emotional mom when Catrina performed incredibly well.  I look forward to seeing them again and I promised her an outing of coffee and talking.  

Linda trains out of  Physics Crossfit  in Ottawa, Canada.  

Linda trains out of Physics Crossfit in Ottawa, Canada.  

Catrina well known for her squat jerk. Take a look.  


Yvon, is the man... He speaks 6 languages and we had an entire conversation all in Spanish.  He taught me that the "N" is silent in his name and that when you are 80 you really don't want pictures of yourself.  He made me laugh and I promised him I would learn French before returning to Canada to photograph Nationals. I've downloaded an app Ivon!  


Warm up area has always been a favorite to photograph because it's overlooked.  Interactions among the weightlifters and coaches.  


There are so many I could post here and I apologize for leaving some of you out.  I took too many photos! lol. I really could adopt all of you and just fill all of my social media accounts with your faces. lol. Eventually I will... but in the mean time.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I very much enjoyed the trip and hope it is not my last.  Till we meet again my Canadian Friends!  


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