Few things I'm absolutely obsessed photographing... hands, beards and children's faces.  Beards are so cool because of the texture.  I imagine cutting off a man's beard and dipping it in paint.  (Makes for great texture painting).  Don't judge me 😭!  So, instead of getting arrested for approaching a man with scissors, I wanted to get to know more about some lifting beards that are out there.


I WANT SEE YOUR BEARD.  MINI FEATURES-GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY.  I WANT TO SEE YOUR BEARD.  And that is it- don’t be sending me sketchy some photos. Ha! 

1.  Have a dope beard? Take a selfie and post it. USE HASHTAG #EverydayLiftersPics(that is how I will find you) Include where you train out of!  

2.*GC will be sent via email by 4/29.  One photo per person.  It’s true!  Ask @nickjustinianom won a G.C. last give away!  Guys, I really do email it!

3. One entry per person, must be 18 or older.  Hell, if you are under 18 and have a full grown beard, email me.  I may need to photograph you in person. Only in the U.S.

4. @beard_boss_ross and I will vote on the dopest beard.  Photos must be submitted by 4/28.  

It's important for me to connect with those that follow Everyday Lifters... These giveaways is just a very small thank you for reaching out and sharing how training going!  Thanks guys!! All the best and good luck!









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