On this journey as Everyday Lifters I had expected to photograph competitors and share them on Instagram. That was pretty much it. hahaha... Alright, it has been much more.  Along the way, there have been interviews, videos and possibly adopting weightlifters.  It's been quite amazing to meet so many people the last few months. If this is the first time visiting, welcome to the Everyday Lifters' website!  

One of the unexpected, but pleasant surprises has been the FEATURED section on the Everyday Lifters' website.  Here we go guys!!!  Over the next year I'll be traveling more and doing features outside of New York!   Before I get on a plane to Germany 🇩🇪  or Spain 🇪🇸 I wanted to highlight my coach, Danny Casey.  A tricky feature because I wasn't allowed to use my camera while training.  As my coach would put it, "Training first, pictures second!" Funny, because I really thought I could get away with it.  If you know Coach Casey, you know he holds his weightlifters to high standards.  Guys, I'm not an elite weightlifter and I can not clean and jerk my body weight.  But for Coach Casey, it doesn't matter.  His gym, his rules, no matter who you are. 

Danny Casey is the head coach and owner of New York Weightlifting Academy.  Having started in a carpet factory training weightlifters, his gym has expanded into the place you will see in the video. In the interview, Casey talks about his approach to new weightlifters, mindset and little a sneak peek into what a training session looks like at New York Weightlifting Academy.  Give NYWA a follow on Instagram for more coaching tips!

Danny Casey the Weightlifter

Now on to Danny Casey the weightlifter.  Featuring Casey as a coach and a weightlifter was much like interviewing two people, hence part 2!  This part of the feature was a little uncomfortable for me.  The biggest part of my job is observing folks, their surroundings and documenting it.  Normally it is Danny Casey doing the observing and the roles were reversed when I stepped foot into his training sessions with my camera.  All eyes on his lifts.

In my opinion, the sport of Olympic Weightlifting can leave weightlifters exposed.  Not literally, but wouldn't that make for an interesting post!  hee hee.  What I am trying to say is that I've seen strong men and women at the mercy of a barbell and platform.  It either kicks your ass or rewards you, and some days both.

Another person I must mention is his coach, Marc Chasnov.  For several days I politely circled the platforms, making sure not to get in the way and learned so much from just observing.  Here are some rare clips of Marc Chasnov in action and a little of Danny training.  Very much like all of us, taking cues, missing lifts, never satisfied and loving the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.  

Quite an interesting feature because the coach here is also a weightlifter.  I'm often left wondering about people who are both.  How does one influence the other?  Nonetheless, I had a great time putting together the videos for this feature.  Thank you to all at New York Weightlifting Academy for allowing me to record and photograph your training sessions.  As always, a blessing to have all your support!

Where am I off to next?  You will have to stick around and see!   Please don't forget to share and like!!!  A little love on YouTube as well!  On to the next feature!  ¡¡Adios!!