Who is Alejandro González Báez?

Before you are introduced to Alejandro, let's take a closer look at his post above.  Don't worry, put away your Google Translate app.

"For every step there is a stone, for every race there is stumble, for every jump a hole. It doesn't matter how many times there are setbacks, as long as I have the vision for what I am fighting for, I will never give up."

These are words of a true champion.  If you can read Spanish, you know it's difficult to translate in English what Alejandro was feeling in this post.  It's powerful.

Social media is saturated with the words "Never Give Up", often popping up as hashtags and a cotton t-shirt.  We all seek a little motivation, including myself, when life challenges you.   Motivation is a catch word for most people but the concept of never giving up has more weight depending on the end goal.  No pun intended.  For Alejandro González Báez, who competes in 77kg category, the goal of reaching the Olympics requires self discipline and incredible sacrifice.  


Alejandro has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments in his weightlifting career.  I didn't want to use this time to list his best clean and jerk and snatch.  When I reached out to Alejandro, I wanted to understand what it takes to be a champion and what advice he would give to younger weightlifters training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.  


Routines and Inner Circle

Alejandro starts his day very much the same way.  In his home hangs a picture of the famous five interlaced rings that represent the Olympics. It serves as a constant reminder of why he gets up every morning.   "Todo lo que hago es pensando en ese año."  "Everything I do is with 2020 in mind."  

On his way to the gym he spends time focusing on why he is training in order to be mentally prepared for every session.  The days were the dark feelings of doubt try to distract him, his girlfriend Iria, reminds him to stay on course.  


Recently I interviewed Olivia Chardon, a young American weightlifter with hopes of Tokyo in 2020.  I asked Alejandro what is his advice for Olivia and others looking to qualify for the Olympics.    

"Nunca se rinda, que no permitan que nadie les aparte de sus sueños.  La halterofilia es un deporte de fuerza mental, cada día debes estar dispuesto a sequir, superar cada obstáculo que se interponga porque el éxito solo es para los perseverantes.

There is one sentence I must highlight.  

"Weightlifting is a sport of mental strength."

I can hear weightlifting coaches clapping.  You're welcome coaches.  

Alejandro makes it very clear in his advice to never allow ANYONE to get in the way of your dreams.  Always be ready to overcome obstacles because success is only for those that persevere.  

Where Can You Find Alejandro?

For those who were looking for him at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, he was not able to compete due to knee surgery he had last January.  Currently, Alejandro is looking to compete in the Senior European Championships in Split Croatia and he is keeping a close eye on the World Weightlifting Championships in California.  Give him a follow on Instagram @alejandrogonzb to stay up to date on his journey to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Alejandro... best of luck and thank you for taking the time to give us all a sneak peek in to the mindset of a professional weightlifter.   ¡Mucha suerta y espero conocerte en persona!  

🇪🇸 If you are up for the challenge or can read Spanish.. check out the Interview below:

Mis metra para este año es competir después de mi operación de rodilla, mi objetivo es Split (Croacia) Europeo Senior, también tengo en mente el Mundial Senior en California.  Solo me levanto con una cosa en mi cabeza, Tokio 2020.  Todo lo que hago es pensando en ese año.

1.  En enero 2016 me hice una cirugâ en la rodilla derecha. Mi lesión no curaba y tuve que para.  Mi rodilla me quito la posibilidad de estar en Rio 2016.

2.  Estoy concentrado en llegar a Tokio 2020, cada día veo en mi casa cuadro con los Aros Olímpicos, me recuerda para me levanto cada mañana. Durante el camino al gimnasio me concentro para lo que voy a entrenar y escucho música que me motive.  La persona que me mis apoya en este camino es mi novia "Iria", ella siempre esta atenta a mi sabe lo que decirme para que no rendirme.  

3.  Mi consejo: Que nunca se rinda, que no permitan que nadie les aparte de sus sueños.  La halterofilia es un deporte de fuerza mental, cada día debes estar dispuesto a sequir, superar cada obstáculo que se interponga porque el éxito solo es para los perseverantes

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