One Saturday afternoon I tagged along to watch four weightlifting coaches train together. Testosterone, butt jokes and plenty of weightlifting photos is how the day went and it was perfect. Weightlifting coaches are normally photographed coaching their weightlifters. In rare circumstances athletes get to see their coaches compete, nonetheless train.  I apologize to the coaches in advance. (This post will be saturated with all of your photos). In the past, I have found that weightlifting coaches in particular, tend to shy away from the camera or they don't post too many photos/videos of themselves training. I managed to grab some really nice shots of them and very excited to share them below.  Enjoy! 



Jesse was the host and I super excited that I finally got to check out his gym!  I have photographed several of Jesse's athletes at prior weightlifting meets, but I never had a chance to talk to Jesse until Saturday. A very cool dude who is entirely dedicated to his weightlifters and his gym. Not only does he train weightlifters, but powerlifters as well. 



If you follow Everyday Lifters, you know that Dan Casey, who I like to call "Señor", is my weightlifting coach. Like many of us, I first picked up a barbell at a Crossfit gym. One summer I was looking to learn more about weightlifting and Danny was highly recommended by my old Crossfit coach.  I've been at NYWA since and call it home.  



James, another name who is not a stranger to Everyday Lifters.  He's been featured here as a photographer, but James is also weightlifting coach! In between his sets, we talked about cameras and upcoming projects.  Not only is James very knowledgeable when it comes to photography, the same goes for weightlifting.  Soon, James will be attending The Arnold's Sports Festival to compete.  



Yasha I had photographed several months ago when he was with Vasiliy Polovnikov.  Vasiliy was doing a demonstration at a weightlifting meet and I was there to photograph the competition. I took a photo of Yasha, Polovnikov and another weightlifter in the warm up area and till this day a favorite of mine.   I didn't know much about Yasha, except that 1. He is from Russia 2. He knows about weightlifting 3. He seemed mysterious.  

After talking to him on Saturday I learned 1. He is from Russia but grew up in LA and Boston  2. He knows a SHIT load about weightlifting  3. He is a mysterious weightlifter with a friendly smile  4. He enjoys indoor rock climbing.  

When you get a chance, please check out his blog.  Well worth reading!!!

Someone recently asked me what would be my dream job. I replied with, "Photographing Weightlifters!"  Taking pictures of the way a weightlifter's body can move, while executing a lift, is something that I find so fascinating and absolutely obsessed with perfecting.  Thank you coaches for allowing me to grab some photos of you guys and hope we can do this again soon! 

Enjoy and have a great week! 

-Viviana From Everyday Lifters

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