Pre Anaheim Jitters

Weightlifting Photography

Hey guys... I love taking photos.  But then I love the sport of weightlifting and I am a weightlifter too... LIKE WHAAAT?!!! So saying I am excited about the 2018 IWF World Championships would be an understatement.   

Just like weightlifters, all media people have some prep work to do before heading out to Anaheim California.  Cleaning their equipment, packing bags, clearing those memory cards etc!

Several have asked me who I am most excited to meet and or see compete.  For starters, those that know me know I am a big fan of the German weightlifter Max Lang.  But just this year I've become a huge fan of Taylar Stallings as well!  

I am not quite sure where I will be stationed while taking photos for LiftingLife and I will be attending as a photographer, not a spectator.  Honestly, even if I saw them I cannot approach them in the training/warm up area.  So, secretly while I am away taking photos I will make sure to wear my silent cheering shirt under my LiftingLife shirt. hee hee

I had these made as a way to silently cheer them on while I am working.  Thank you to Liz (the person who created the Everyday Lifters' Logo!)

Oh yeah, I am a total nerd.  



Reasons to follow these two weightlifters today...  

First of all, Max's branding game has been on point.  Smart man... smart!   

I have to mention this and I know it's not directly related to weightlifting, but it's a needed business for weightlifting teams since they need money to be able to train, travel etc.  Also, ever watch him lift, squat, stretch.. train?!  Love all the tidbits he gives his fans and there is something playful in his posts that keeps his followers engaged..   Very clever I would say...  Follow him if you aren't already.  You won't be disappointed.  Follow here.

Taylar Stallings... first time I got to see her compete live was at 2017 Nationals in Chicago.  She went up to complete her first clean and jerk.  The dude next me was like, "Did you see that?!! She just power cleaned that?!  Me: "*Yeah of course I saw it... the entire room saw and felt it!!" 

Power.. she is just pure power.  She's a raging, "I WANT THIS", Nothing will stand in my way!" kind of weightlifter.  I really hope I get to see her compete! Follow here

Stay tuned... :)

Happy Thanksgiving

One last thing! 

As a professional photographer this is a huge opportunity for me... especially a photographer in weightlifting. It is my first Worlds and naturally it's all new and shiny.  It has that first day of school kind of feels.  I get to finally show off what I can really do as a professional photographer, but even more important, all the learning that will happen!  I am looking forward to continue my learning so that I can apply it to all future opportunities that are ahead of me in my work.   

I will be away from my family and I won't lie, it's hard.  As we speak there are some moms, and dads too, that have  looked at me sideways when they hear that I will be away for 2 weeks and "Leaving my children with Chris."  Ummmm... How dare I leave my kids with their father?!! 😳 hahahahaha!  I know.. I get a good laugh all the time.  

I will miss them terribly.  But my daughter put me in check and said, "You better take some good photos mom, be the best!"  *with attitude.. can you guess where she gets it from? 😅

Anyhow, from of all us to all of you... Happy Thanksgiving!

Here they are and they all seem distraught. *Yes, my son is in full on Halo costume. It's how we do in this household.

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