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****Update: All Guest Writers have been chosen!  Please check back for their posts in 2018.  

A Place for Your Thoughts and Ideas

Recently in a Facebook group someone suggested I should start a Go Fund Me page so I can have the funds to continue Everyday Lifters' features.  lol. It was beyond flattering he said that and made me realize the stories shared on here are really important for the followers.  

I don't have a massive following like other photographers/media websites.. but boy, I know for sure I have the most support.  I want this place of stories and images to continue to inspire others.  Everyday Lifters has turned into a place for you.  

That's why in 2018, Everyday Lifters for the first time, will have guest writers.  I am inviting you to talk about anything you'd like. well.. almost anything.  ha!  I see you on Instagram and Facebook and you have such great things to share to a community who I know will benefit from your stories and or knowledge about topics.  I want you on here to share to the world what you have to say.  

Guidelines for Guest Writers

This is open to all coaches, athletes, children, your dog etc.  However, if you are Dentist, PT, Yoga Studio Owner.. these stories will not be related to your establishment.  In other words, the features won't be the place for advertising your services.  (I will be reaching out to local establishments on ways to have advertisements on the website.  Contact me if you would like to hear more.)  Of course, if you get chosen to be a Everyday Lifter's Guest Writer, you can totally plug your gym's website.  It will be encouraged!  😉

Topics can range from... someone you admire, a weightlifter who deserves to be highlighted, your thoughts on IWF's banning 9 countries, you don't like weightlifting, you don't like CrossFit, farting when squatting... you get the idea.

For more information, please fill out the form below and tell me a little about what you'd like to write about.  There are a few spots left for the year, so please reach out as soon as you can!  Once all writers have been selected, an email will be sent out with instructions and your assigned month.  

Good luck and we will be in touch!

The Everyday Lifters' Team

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