2017 American Masters


This post will be a little different from what I originally intended.  There are so many good stories to share from the 2017 American Masters.  This  will be done as mini features in one post! Check out the headlines below and whichever headline seems interesting... stop and read!  Enjoy the photos!


I hear the name Cohen and right away I think of weightlifting.  Normally I don't ever see the entire family together. I was really excited to have visited the Anderson/Cohen Weightlifting Center since I've never been.  

This was the first time I saw the family at a USAW event, but they've been around much longer in the weightlifting community.  To this day, still one of my favorite images.   Pictured here:  Will Cohen and his parents at the 2016 American Open.  

This was the first time I saw the family at a USAW event, but they've been around much longer in the weightlifting community.  To this day, still one of my favorite images.   Pictured here:  Will Cohen and his parents at the 2016 American Open.  

It was a blast to see Mrs. Cohen compete.  What a bad ass momma!  In between sessions Mikey Cohen got in some training and his dad some coaching.  Dad competed as well, but unfortunately missed it.  Mr. Howard Cohen competed of course and coached! At one point he even sat at the LiftingLife table curious about the cameras we were using.  I had the chance teach him how to use mine and in return he shared some great history about weightlifting! 

Check out the family below!




I've seen Corrine at all the USAW events I've been to.  Normally you find her in a navy blue referee suit.  She wears the prettiest eyeliner and her hair always in a ponytail. Corrine was just as captivating in a singlet on the platform.  

She normally doesn't order photos of herself but the 2017 American Masters would be her last competition and possibly the last time she lifts for some time.  She needs a hip replacement and she wanted her last competition to be photographed.  This was probably the most important job I have had all year.  The meet was important for her and I knew every click of the button of my camera would capture her memories.  

After every snatch, every clean and jerk, it was one step closer to her last lift.  You could see in the warm up area she had some discomfort in her hip, but immediately when her weightlifting shoes touched the platform, it was as if something inside her changed.  She became a weightlifter.  The kind of of weightlifter hungry for the lifts and making each one better than her last.


Leanda's story was a little different.  After battling breast cancer that almost took her life, her story really hit home for me.  Last year I lost my friend to breast cancer and it's one of those things that can make you so mad.  To see someone beat caner and give it a big FU... I felt proud to have done this for Leanda.  In a way I felt like I was doing this for my friend.  

Doctors didn't think Leanda would ever be able to return to her regular exercise... and forget about weightlifting!  Well, she proved them all wrong... every single one of those doctors.  Still now when she jerks she has no feeling in her arm but it doesn't stop her.

Leanda smiled at EVERY attempt.  She was smiling because she was living life and enjoying herself.  


Caleb and Kelly Williams

A few months back I got to talk to Caleb and Kelly about their weightlifting program.  Check out the feature here. Once again baby Williams made an appearance!

2018 American Masters

Mark Solomon, coach from Buffalo Barbell Club, shared how he's been competing at this meet for years now.  He enjoys the community and the masters weightlifters coming together.  Next year I will make sure to bring my weightlifting shoes and lift some weights among other masters weightlifters. Will you be there?

Thank you to all I spoke to.. thank you for your smiles, thank you for your stories!  All the best with you future training.

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