Who is Max Lang?

If you are a weightlifter or a fan of the sport, it's nearly impossible to miss Max Lang on social media. When I started weightlifting about 2 years ago, I knew very little about the sport.  Like any new weightlifter, I turned to YouTube and Instagram in the hope of learning more.  My coach would often bring up Lang's name and tell me to take note of how Max would set up before every lift.   

"I encourage many of my lifters to watch and study how Max lifts because, beside being excellent technically, his mannerisms and demeanor approaching the bar are deliberate.  I feel that the Germans are great role models for weightlifting for a variety of reasons.  They are very staunch advocates against the use of drugs, yet they develop successful lifers who compete at high levels with excellent technique."- Dan Casey

So, to the question at hand, Who is Max Lang? 

Max Richard Lang, is a German weightlifter who recently turned 24. Alles Gute sum Geburtstag! Lang represents Germany at international competitions and has competed in both the 2014 and 2015 World Championships.  So yes, he is a big deal.  

Why is he a favorite?  Aside from being an incredible athlete, his posts are insightful and genuine.  One of the things that I noticed right away about Max is how he interacts with his fans.   Below an example of why he is so cool!


Max's vlogs are fun to watch as well. In the video below, you can see him playfully bench pressing over 100kg and asking his spotters if it was ok.   Please give it a watch.  You will enjoy it! 


Moving on to the more serious Max.  This post in particular, has really stayed with me.  Max has been very transparent about his performance at the 2016 European Weightlifting Championships.  He doesn't sugar coat things and is clear about what his goals are for 2017.  

Oh, what a treat it must have been for the audience to watch Max compete.  In the video you can hear the audience passionately and rhythmical clapping for Max before every lift.  

A personal favorite... a 210kg jerk!

Max is down to earth and intense when he needs to be. His positive demeanor and sheer talent is probably why his fans adore him.  In an interview with Fit Blog World, he shares his views on Olympic Weightlifting and what his training is like during the week.  

"Weightlifting is having a little comeback, people in Germany may start to enjoy and appreciate this sport a little bit more.  I am pretty optimistic and exited to see this sport growing and getting more popular and favored soon."

To see for yourself what he is all about, please do the following:

  1. If you don't already, please follow him at @max_lang_weightlifting 
  2. Then head over to Max's You Tube Channel and subscribe!  You'll find English subtitles for many of his videos!                                                                                                                                                                                  
  3. Lastly, check out his webpage here : MAX LANG  and make sure you pick up shirt!

On many of my posts, I like to make reference to wanting to give Mr. Lang a piggy back ride.  It's an ongoing joke I have with my weightlifting friends and coach (alright fine, it's really not a joke).  Mr. Lang, whenever you are ready to visit New York, there is a barbell waiting for you at New York Weightlifting Academy.    

Photo taken by:  Elizabeth Mastrocola

Photo taken by: Elizabeth Mastrocola