Everyday Lifter: Jess  Gym:  Crossfit Mahopac

Everyday Lifter: Jess  Gym: Crossfit Mahopac

Over the last several days I've been struggling with writing this post about Jess, the next Featured Everyday Lifter.  At first, I blamed writer's block and my brain being fried from 5 straight days of editing.  I took a few days off hoping that the blinking cursor would stop taunting me.   It wasn't until today, my brain turned back on and I started typing.  

All the posts on this website are from the heart because I photograph and write about what I see.  (My coach recently reminded me of that).  I forget that sometimes, thanks coach!  

So, why the writer's block?

It's a rare occasion when I post on social media my views regarding politics and don't worry, this will not be the platform nor the day to voice my opinions. However, world news is probably the reason why I've had writer's block.  The gift of empathy.. a blessing and a curse at times.  The real reason I started the Featured Everyday Lifters' Project was to make others smile.  Pretty simple, but so powerful.  These features have genuinely made people happy.  I LOVE that I can do this for others and making someone else smile, really is the best feeling.   :)  Try it this week.  Buy someone a coffee, give someone a hug (not a stranger and refrain from ass grabbing, hahaha!).  

Back to the writer's block and Jess.  *Promise Jess, I'm getting to you!  

So yea, I had been feeling a bit funky. How am I suppose to write about inspiration and good feeling things?  Today, while sitting at a ballerina party my daughter attended, it dawned on me, "Holy shit my daughter will one day be a woman.  FUCK... I have so much to teach her if she is going to survive it!!!" How do I teach her to be courageous and strong?  A joke.. but not really. lol  The words courageous and strong hummed in my brain for a few minutes.  Then immediately my attention went to Jess.  I opened up my laptop and just started typing.  

Jessica is a strikingly beautiful woman. 

Half Panamanian and Puerto Rican... she is pure fire.  At first glance you notice two things about Jess, her size and infectious smile.  Jess is short and she makes frequent jokes about her size.  But don't piss her off because she will fireman carry your ass out the door.  

One part of the interview I didn't include in the video,  Jess talked about how inspiring it is to see other women staying fit and more women needing to feel empowered. How do we do that and especially for young girls?  I want my daughter to be able to fireman carry someone out the door if need be.  Perhaps hand them barbells or teach them not to be intimidated by the idea of being strong.  What a strange concept, right?  Intimidation of becoming stronger.  Literally and figuratively for many.  

"Honestly, as a woman, all my life I thought exercise in general was quite intimidating.  Especially weightlifting!  Until I started Crossfit, then I learned how to appreciate the art of fitness, especially weightlifting.  I encourage women to want to be strong and healthy, God forbid they need that strength to help their family member.  I see it a lot in my field of work, where a lot of my patients are afraid of my lifting.  I wish other woman in my occupation could break through that stigma of lifting heavy, and not playing the role of "damsel in distress," which make ladies like me look weak in the public eye."      -Jess

If Jess isn't saving lives as an EMT, she is helping others reach their fitness goals.  Ah, yes... there is good out there in the world and all of a sudden my brain is feeling less foggy.  :)

Watch the video and hope this brings others to do more... more lifting, more sweating, more giving.  Whatever it may be. ;-)

Enjoy the video and the photos!  


Thank you Jess for letting me borrow your muscles and smile!