Welcome to 2017!  Here is the first Featured Everyday Lifter for the New Year!  Her name is Gina and she trains out of Crossfit Redzone. Gina was amazing to interview. In the video, Gina talks about her experience at the American Open and her goals for 2017!  

Thank you Gina for being so chill and Kurt Kling for letting me borrow your athletes for a few hours! 

Enjoy the video!  

Gina recently competed at the American Open Championship and hopes to return to the platform for Nationals in 2017. 

Some fun facts about Gina...

2017 Goals for Gina:  "Make Nationals in USAPL and USAW."

State record for in the 75+kg category for clean and jerk (104kg) and snatch (80kg)

Best clean and jerk: 104kg, Best Snatch: 82kg

Having seen Gina compete, I was very curious on how she remains so calm before getting up to lift.  Her response:

"It probably doesn't look like it from the outside, but before any competition I am always insanely nervous.  I want to do my best and not somehow make an ass of myself.  I'm not sure If I learned this or where it came from, but I've been able to use my nervous energy for the task at hand.  I take that energy and put it into what has to get done."

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