Photographing as a Spectator

Everyday Lifters vs Viv... who would do a better job?

Recently someone told me, Viv, I don't see you as Everyday Lifters.  Everyday Lifters is a person you aren't suppose to really know and or meet.  The photographer called Everyday Lifters is the one that curses, lifts, hits and well, is just relentless.  Viv is the wife, mother of two, with a shy smile.  

Yesterday I attended a weightlifting meet to cheer my teammates and take some pictures of them.  Every weekend I try to work on one project in order to better my craft.  It was a perfect opportunity.  I got to attend an event as a true spectator instead of as Everyday Lifters.  

Although I did manage to grab a few powerful pictures, I felt like I came up short.  So, the photographer "Viv" sulked a bit.  

I realized last night, I must approach photographing an event with a certain mindset. I guess very much like weightlifting.   So, I sucked it up and said, "Fuck it... I'll put together a video!" With a combination of lack of caffeine and wishing I had better pictures, I was a maniac last night.  The end result... just the beginning of things I'm looking forward to expand on.  Enjoy!


Only took a few photos yesterday.  Below are some of my favorite fotos.  All shots were taken at Brooklyn Barbell.  To see the rest:  Go to MENU and then the CLIENT tab.  

*Photos may not be reproduced or used for commercial use.  Photos may be shared!  Enjoy!