Atlas Stones

Few things I have never tried, but enjoy watching: Rugby and folks lifting Atlas Stones.   

These photographs are of athletes and an Atlas Stone training session.  Seemingly simple, which is probably why I jump on the opportunity to photograph people lifting these massive stones.  

Every Friday, Will- the owner of Harrison Strength and Fitness, dedicates the evenings to Atlas Stone training sessions.  At first, it seems unexciting.  The lifters clean their stones, wrap their forearms, and roll out the stones according to their attempts.  **Not sure why, but watching them apply tacky to their hands was something I found enticing.

As I was photographing their session, Will commented on how when lifting an Atlas Stone-  "It is just you- and the stone, there is no one else and nothing else matters".  I would have to agree.  

Very much how a weightlifter would stand in front of their barbell before their first lift- these folks did the same as they prepared to conquer the stone. 



Based out of Harrison, New York-  All athletes photographed train at Harrison Strength and Fitness.  Recently a few from the gym competed in Delaware's Strongest and one individual qualified for Open Nationals 2016- (Strongman).   Best of luck in all future competitions guys!!!!                                                                                                                       

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