The end of October brought me candy, good weather and a fun time over at Crossfit REDZONE!  

As I approach my 6 month mark of Everyday Lifters, it dawned on me that the world of Crossfitters, Weightlifters and "Strongman" is pretty small. Photographing this local competition was quite nice, since many of the athletes were repeats.  

Over the last few months I have met so many people who I have had the pleasure of photographing several times.  Slowly, I am starting to learn their names, where they train out of and even when they are competing again! The website, Everyday Lifters, could never happen without your stories.  Again, thank you for not shying away from the camera and approaching me at competitions!  

Enjoy the photos guys!  

You can find the photos under YOUR ALBUMS in the MENU tab.  Or by clicking here.  If you post a picture, a tag would be so awesome so I know who you are!  When I post pictures on social media, I like to be able to tag the person behind the smile and muscles.  :)  Again, don't forget to use coupon 50OCT16 which is valid until 11/14th (with a $10 minimum purchase).