This weekend I headed over to Harrison Strength and Fitness to take some pictures of a competition that brought friends and strong athletes together. Normally I write about the competitors and the gym.  However, the highlight of this competition was a spectator.  Her name was "Señora".  She was there to watch her daughters compete.

A Colombian Mom, good conversation and Atlas Stones, made for a perfect Sunday!  In between the sessions, I asked her if she ever gets nervous watching her daughters compete.  She said, "No, not anymore, but I use to!"  

Offering her opinion about how important it is for young folks to compete, she used the word "Disciplina" often.  She described how her daughters are more focused and disciplined in their lives because of what they do.  In Spanish she described how easy it is to get stuck in the same scene of drinking and partying.  "It's not living, you get stuck. How lame!"  I wanted to hug the woman.  I did not guys... no worries.  

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Here she is :)

Here she is :)