Over the weekend, athletes from what it seemed like all over Connecticut and Upstate New York, gathered to Crossfit Strongtown in the hopes of bringing home the infamous "Golden Kettle Bell."  With 128 athletes competing at Crossfit Strongtown's Battle for The Bell, I knew I would have the absolute best time photographing this event.  

It started out as a typical cold October morning.  Athletes were trying their best to warm up outside in full winter attire.  However, as the hours passed, it warmed up pretty quickly and it turned out to be a beautiful day!

The owners of CF Strongtown, Dan and Mikey Gallagher did an AMAZING job organizing this event.  Right down to the layout of the floor, matching shirts, the right Music that went with their theme of Game of Thrones. BTW: the DJ, ARIAN was on point.

Not an easy task to organize a local event, with 128 athletes.  Although, at one point Dan was a bit disappointed he was running 15 minutes behind.  Ha!  I chuckled.  

Before I go, a few vendors that I must mention.  I am big believer in supporting and highlighting local businesses.  If you haven't heard of Alpha Project Apparel, please check them out!  Got to talk to Ricky for a bit and what a delight!  Learned about his passion for producing high quality clothes that are versatile and durable for athletes.  In addition, Tony and Lori, owners of Muscle Up Bars.  Read up on them and their quest to provide healthy protein bars with no artificial ingredients.  

Enough of me talking... check out the photos.  Currently working on a video and hope that it will be all ready by next week!  All the best to the athletes.  Thank you for letting borrow your faces and muscles!  Till we meet again!  

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