Viviana Podhaiski is a photographer, storyteller and the person behind Everyday Lifters. 

Everyday Lifters was inspired by a black and white photo Viv took of a Strongman competitor.  She would later find out the photo represented much more to the athlete...a mother of 3 beginning a journey of redefining herself.


Viviana uses her love of interacting with people to create intimate photos.  Her approach to photography, especially in the world of weightlifting, is unlike anything else in that space. Through her approach, she creates an entire story and background of an athlete that others can connect to.

She has photographed various weightlifters at USA Weightlifting National Championships and is a photographer for LiftingLife.  When she isn’t capturing moments at USAW events, you can find her behind the camera at local sports competitions or featuring athletes from various athletic backgrounds.

Viviana resides in the Hudson Valley, New York area with her husband and 2 beautiful children.  She loves a good story, strong coffee and bringing more attention to sport of weightlifting.  In between photos you can find her on a platform practicing her lifts.


Photos courtesy of Dave Aisenstat and Ryan Paiva.