Thank you

Some have noticed some changes to the website and are very curious about my goals with Everyday Lifters.  Over the last few months I have been working hard on providing more for you guys.  I've added a TAB for a small digital store.  Soon, will have shirts available for sale and more!   Please watch the video and the letter to you!  :-)

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So here I am… as EVERYDAY LIFTERS.

It was an idea of sharing small stories of local athletes and now I have turned athletes into FINE ART through PHOTOGRAPHS.  Everyday Lifters has been one of COOLEST projects I have worked on and really excited for more to come!

        I am so grateful…

for the people I have met and really looking forward to learning more about you, your coaches and gyms. The amount of support I have received has been, overwhelmingly, fucking AWESOME!! There are big plans to travel and cover more states.  Out of country? One day be allowed to take pictures at a IWF World Championship? Venture out to more sports? Rugby? Wrestling? Meet German Weightlifter Max Lang? Give Max a piggy back ride? Hell YES to all of it and more! Don't judge me on the piggy back ride.  hahaha!

        Max, help a sista out.

I have so much to give to my work and to all of you I have photographed!  When I decided, “SHIT, Okay, EVERYDAY LIFTERS will be a business!”  How do I make what I do accessible to all?  First, I was told to not list my prices on my website.  If so, I could lose potential high end clients.

Newer Local CF Boxes and Weightlifting gyms cannot afford to pay over $10,000 for photographs. Or maybe some of you can and ya’ll have been holding back!  HA! On a serious note, many of the coaches I’ve met are just trying to get their businesses up and running.  

I understand why photographers charge by the hour and start their packages at a certain price.  Hours of editing, exporting files, preparing files for printing, looking for lost photos when the hard drive crashes… and cry, (alright that last part was just me).   

A project can easily take me about 20 hours to complete.   My obsession has produced the most beautiful pictures.  I’m a MANIAC and the photos have to look a certain way before I click PUBLISH. 

I will continue to provide my services 

and Charity work, because volunteering is important for me.  

Already taking clients for 2017,  especially for charity events. Please contact me to get you in.  

THANK YOU!  Continue with your training, gainz and beautiful smiles.  Will see you soon!