One at a Time

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a graduation party. Normally my sessions consist of running around in a gym and photographing athletes. I jump on the opportunity to do parties because it gives me the chance to dress up, listen to good music and talk to people.  Everyone has a story and I am always ready to listen!  

I got a phone call from my friend Jay, who is a DJ.  He was doing a party and asked if I could help his friend. The mother of the graduate needed a photographer A.S.A.P. The universe lined up our meeting.  I quickly pulled my hair back, threw on some slacks and I was out the door. I had just finished a project and was able to make it to the party on time.  

Walking into the room, I could immediately feel the love and support that surrounded the graduate, Kristina.  It was beautiful.  Secretly, I wanted them to adopt me.  Ha!


So when did I become attach to this family?  It was probably right after Kristina and her parents said a few words to the guests that attended the party.  Kristina's speech started off very much like any other speech.  She began by thanking her guests and then she shared a few words on why her accomplishments meant more than just reaching the milestone of "adulthood."  You see, she was the first in her family to graduate college.  For first generation Latinos, graduating college is a huge accomplishment. Quoting her father, "One at a time."  I myself being Latina, and the first in my family to graduate college and obtain a masters degree, I knew exactly what her father meant.  

Kristina, I wish you so much love, drive, passion in your years to come.  Don't lose focus and always stay hungry.  Conquer the world and thank you for inviting me to photograph this special day.