ISO a Mentor

Michael sat in the right chair. He fed baby birds while scolding the big birds from over eating.  

Michael sat in the right chair. He fed baby birds while scolding the big birds from over eating.  

While on my photography journey, I’ve asked the Universe for help.  I didn’t expect for help to be sitting outside a bagel shop, smoking cigarettes and feeding birds.  

I just got back from Lake Placid.  The Adirondacks, a place of perfect scenery, mountains, landscapes and even clouds.  It's heaven for outdoor photographers.  Photographing the outdoors, is not a favorite, but I made it a point to get out once a day with my camera to practice. 

Around 6am, I would walk the streets and just take pictures.  On my last day, I met a man named Michael.  He was sitting in front of a bagel shop and he asked me about my camera.  An hour later, we had muffins, coffee, cursed and talked about art and photography.  He shared stories of his misfortunes, his adventures and gave golden advice.  He offered his opinions about the self entitlement generation, the art of photography, penis envy, and how sometimes photographers can be assholes.

Michael, a passionate adventurer with a sharp tongue, shared some wonderful insight on photography and where it fits in the world of social media, computer screens and instant gratification.  

He LOVED that I have a passion for black and white photography. 

Color is for Pros and Black and White is for Poets.
— Michael

He asked to see my work and was impressed. He said, “YES! you have a good eye!”  Holy shit... here was a photographer who has photographed Olympic athletes, has traveled the world, spoke 15 languages, who was impressed by my work!

After our coffee and sharing muffins, I went back to my hotel room to tell my husband all about Michael. Then I realized, "OH, I forgot to take his picture!!!" I ran back out to find him and he was gone.  I walked the streets for a bit, but no luck.  

Wherever you are Michael, and wherever your boat takes you, I will start the homework you gave me.  

First things first, in search of a mentor!