Photography and Dance


NOT A WEIGHTLIFTING POST-  I couldn't help it.

I am not much of a writer, as a matter of fact I can barely put together a sentence for an Instagram post.  ha!  Photography is my way of being able to share moments, what I've seen and how others have felt.   

Recently I photographed a dance recital and was able to stop time for these dancers.  The performances are quick, filled with music, fast movement and extremely difficult to photograph.  When I took the pictures, everything about the performance changed for me.  So much I could have done with how to photograph an event such as this one and can't wait to try it again.  

Some of the photos are grainy and only so much I could do with my lens and camera. Till I upgrade oneday- (SMILE)  This is what I got.  Either way- this was so much fun to photograph and edit.  

Here are some beautiful dancers.  So excited to share these.  All photographs were taken while the dancers were performing.