Would You Like to Be Featured?

For the months of December and January I would like to take step back from taking pictures at competitions.  I want to turn my focus on over to you.... The Weightlifter, Crossfitter, Strongman Competitor, Athlete.  

When I started Everyday Lifters, I envisioned being able to feature everyday people who put in a lot of hard work for the sport they love.  It's been quite incredible to meet so many people in such a short time and I need to get you guys and your stories on here! 

I would like to feature you!  

Interested?  Or perhaps there is someone you think should be nominated?

Coach? Mother? Father? Best Friend?  Comment below!  

All you have to do is coordinate a day and time with me and I will come visit you! I'll bring my camera and some questions so I can interview you.  I would love some video as well!  

How does this work?

1.  Set the date in December or January: "Hey Viv, come over!"  Plan to set aside set aside 1-1/2hours!  

2. Written permission from you the model and the owner of the facility, if I'm visiting your home gym. 

3.  Would have to be in driving distance!  Unless I'm visiting Germany.  I would look for Max Lang and convince him that I should give him a pony back ride.  

4. Cost? Nada.. Just your time and smile!  

Contact me today!  

*Younger than 18?  Parents permission please!  :-)